Who we are series is concerned with the exploration of my perception of male homosexuality. My attempt is to use the portraits to deconstruct stereotyped approaches to heteronormativity and to try and bring another gaze. I want to blur the attention from homosexual sexual practices (towards which the focus is too much centered) and to reflect more on issues such as love, desires, aspirations, compassion, or faith. This is why I thought necessary for me to enter into the intimate spaces of the subjects, and to look for the objects that surround them in their everyday lives. These settings allowed me to reflect on their identities, and on their relationship with the most private everyday space.

For me it is interesting observation that ultimately, they share similar challenges of heterosexual individuals and couples. Although I am referring just to the private environment, in fact we cannot forget that in the public sphere, in African societies, they are exposed to another type of aggressions.

Who we are aims to open up debates for better understanding of sexual complexities and diversities of human beings.